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Bait ur Rehman Islamic Center

The Islamic Centre of Bait Ur Rehman has been launched by the Bait Ur Rehman Trust . The Bait Ur Rehman Trust was established in 2003 to serve the local community . Over the years, the Masjid has expanded to accommodate the growing congregation. The existing premises can no longer accommodate the growing numbers of services and service users. A decision to create the Islamic Centre of Bait Ur Rehman to address the community’s current and future needs. As part of this project, an iconic mosque will be built, a school will serve 500 children, a community centre will be built, a new commercial centre will be developed, and more! This is your opportunity to invest in the Islamic Centre of Britain to transform the lives of our future generations – a landmark hub for the community that showcases beauty and modern architecture, InShaAllah!


Bait ur Rehman Islamic Center

 Muslims by promoting the progressive values and teaching of Islam and to advocate inter-faith harmony in a multicultural environment in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.
To promote Islam as a true religion by means of engaging good conduct and good behavior towards all members of our surrounding community.

Bait ur Rehman Islamic Center known as ICOB aims to be the focal point for the surrounding Muslim community, In order to enhance understanding and dispel the many misconceptions about Islam. Our mission is to encourage people of all ages and ethnic groups to learn and develop their knowledge of Islam, to bridge the gap between the communities by providing the necessary resources.

We are committed to disseminate the teachings of Islam on the fundamental truth that Allah (swt) is the source of all guidance, we pray that our endeavors are accepted, Insha Allah. We will work to enhance and improve the respect and cultivate our identity in the community with special consideration for the cultural diversity in the city of Bothell. We seek to improve and develop the skills and well being of our members and our programs to benefit the wider community.


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Bait Ur Rehman Team


قاری محمد عمیر ثانی

خطیب اور امام 

قاری محمد عمیر ثانی ایک مشہور اسلامی علماء اور قرآنی تلاوت کار تھے جو بیت الرحمٰن مسجد میں خطیب اور امام کے طور پر خدمت فراہم کرتے تھے۔ انہوں نے اپنی علمی اور قرآنی تلاوت کی مہارت کے ذریعے مسلمانوں کو اسلامی تعلیمات سے آگاہ کیا اور ان کی روحانی رہنمائی کی۔

بیت الرحمٰن مسجد ایک معروف مسجد ہے جو پاکستان کے کراچی شہر میں واقع ہے۔ قاری محمد عمیر ثانی نے اس مسجد میں خطبے دینے اور نمازیوں کی امامت کرنے کی ذمہ داری انجام دی تھی۔ ان کی قرآن کی تلاوت کی سوچ بھلائی کے لئے نہیں بلکہ لوگوں کو ان کی تلاوت سے لطف اٹھانے کے لئے بھی تھی، جس سے وہ لوگ اپنے دل و جان کو پر امن اور سکون محسوس کرتے تھے۔





IS CEO or a dedicated and visionary CEO of Bait Ur Islamic Center, leading the organization with passion and commitment. His profound understanding of Islamic principles and strong leadership skills have enabled the center to flourish and serve the community effectively. Under his guidance, Bait Ur Islamic Center has become a beacon of hope, providing essential services and promoting Islamic teachings to a diverse range of individuals.


Muhammad Iqbal Rehmani 

Is Chair Person  at Bait Ur Rehman Islamic Center, I recommend reaching out to the center directly or searching for recent news or updates related to the organization. Additionally, you may find information about their leadership on their official website or through local community sources.



Finance Director Babar Khursheed Bait Ur Rehman Islamic Center Is Located In Gulshan E Ravi Lahore Since 2003 It Has Many Projects That Is Live From Day First For Betterment Of Society Its Under Construction With Many Other Department Its True Quran For Presenting Islam